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05 May '13

Spiked Cuffs

Posted by Shiron Bell

Lux Divine Spiked Gemstone Cuffs

Happy Holidays Friends! Welcome to the LDJ Blog:)

We have some new, fantastic, handmade creations for you this winter season.

One of them being our new spiked cuffs! They are a spin off our original gemstone cuffs… just with a little more attitude!

Here are some photos of our new cuffs! They can be purchased in our Bracelets section of our online shop.



05 May '13

Celestial Light

Posted by Shiron Bell









Lux Divine Jewelry’s 2013 Collection


<<<Celestial Light>>>



LDJ’s newest collection “Celestial Light”, a moon inspired collection.

“The Moon represents our feelings and emotions, the receptivity, imagination and basic feeling tone of a person. It also has an effect on the sense of rhythm, time and timing, it influences our adaptability to change, our mobility and versatility.”


I don’t know what it is about the moon. It has always captivated me. At the end of a long day, gazing at the night-time sky is almost therapeutic and calming and helps to put my world into perspective. I have always felt the pull of the moon’s energy. Being the sensitive and creative being that I am, I am almost certain that my moods depend on the moon’s cycle.  I am the most inspired at the beginning of a new moon and can guarantee my craziness when its full and low.

For the past month, I have been busy creating this moon inspired collection in our new workshop with my husband. This entire collection is hand fabricated from brass sheet metal and I hand set every druzy with love. We experimented with different shapes and textures, colors and sizes….and this is what we came up with! We really hope you love these new designs as much as we do!!!


This entire collection is now available on our website and on our etsy shop:




Peace and Blessings,


Lux Divine Jewelry owner/designer





05 May '13

The Boot Story

Posted by Shiron Bell


Up-cycled Fringe Boots


Last year, I bought a pair of vintage Native American Moccasin boots for myself. They were so awesome and authentic, I couldn’t pass them up. When they arrived in the mail, I felt they were lacking something so I spruced them up a bit. Soon after, I had tons of requests for me to embellish other ladies fringe boots. 

This got me thinking…I was onto something here!




This was the pair that started it all! I have since made dozens of pairs for others…these are just a few:)







We first start with a pair of lightly used/vintage Moccasin boots. We cut extra layers of fringe out of up-cycled scrap leather and sew them onto the boots with my walking foot leather sewing machine. This takes a lot of patience! We then re-lace the boots with contrasting lacing. After the “base” is done, I spend a few days carefully and very tightly wire wrapping feathers, various gemstones and charms and unique vintage finds onto the boots.

I make sure with each pair to keep in mind that these will most likely be danced in…I mean, who doesn’t want to dance in these?


We currently are not selling these custom boots on our home website luxdivine.com.

These are only available for purchase at our etsy shop for now. If you would like to order these custom boots, please follow this link:



10 Apr '13

My Favorite Things

Posted by Shiron Bell

Its no secret that I love etsy. Not only is it one of our sources of business, but it links me to other handmade sellers just like myself. I like to know where my products come from whether its the food I eat, the clothing I wear or the products I put on my skin. You will pretty much never catch me shopping in a mall or from a big corporation these days. I try to support my local community and products that are US made.  For the most part, our gemstones come from the US as well;)

Lets start with clothing! I just cleaned out my whole closet the other day….how refreshing! I highly recommend letting go of anything you don’t wear from your closet.  I personally like living “lighter”. I have always been the type of person that doesn’t get attached to material objects. I guess that is why Ive always given away/sold my own creations so easily. I literally never keep anything from myself unless it is defective. How sad… but the free-spirited Gemini in my doesn’t mind. All I really need is me right?

My mother always told me; “It is better to have one really nicely made item that is more expensive than a bunch of crap that will break in a few wears”….She is so right! Im sorry, but I feel badly for those girls that think they are getting a deal at forever 21 like shops. No you are not, you are getting exactly what you pay for…poorly made, cheap items that will not last you years to come. And don’t even get me started on the ethics of how/where those clothing are made. Thats a whole other blog post!

So yes, back to clothing….or back to my closet. After my refreshing “spring cleaning” I spent a good 20 mins just admiring all the handmade, beautiful clothing in my closet! I know exactly where all my clothing came from and who it was made by which is pretty cool. Its taken me a while to accumulate the amount I have but it was worth the wait… Its like my fun little collection I keep adding too;) So…who is in my closet?




First, Im going to talk about Purusha People. I did this collab with the creator behind this groovy yoga wear, Hayley, a little while ago and had a blast. I literally LOVE this girl! She is honestly one of the sweetest souls I have met in my life!!! Not only is she pretty much the nicest person I know, she also has the BEST yoga pants in the world. All of her clothing is made in Topanga, Ca by her and her seamstress. Its the perfect clothing for me to wear while I am creating because of how comfortable it is:) For the most part, all Lux Divine is made while Im wearing my Purushas!

How amazing and stylish are her creations? They go perfectly with Lux Divine!!!

Meet Miss beautiful Hayley!



Be sure to check out her etsy shop here:


Here are some of my favorites from Hayley’s shop;)





My top pick: The Coachella Pants available here:







I only have good things to say about Run With the Tribe. The clothing is genius and the creator behind these threads is a light and pure soul that I admire so much. Talk about well made! All of her handmade clothing is literally hand-made….every stitch that holds these beauties together is done by hand not a machine….  AMAZING! I wouldn’t have the patience for such a craft…but glad she does;) She also uses the most delicious fabrics. Organic hemp and bamboo blends. On top of that, she also hand dyes each fabric color so she has her own unique colors for her clothing designs. Incredible!!! She runs Run With the Tribe from her adorable cabin home in Ithica, NY.


Meet Miss Alana Rose from Run With the Tribe on Etsy;)



You can purchase this beauty’s amazing creations here:





My top pick from this lovely etsy seller:

The Gaia Crop Top available here:




So thats WHO is in my closet:) Now for my last and final favorite etsy shop!





Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sensitive freak. I’m sensitive to food, my environment and to what I put on my skin. With these little issues, I have to be really careful with what I put on my skin. I had only been using coconut, sunflower and castor oil on my skin up until now. I do what is called oil pulling on my face. Its pretty much the only thing that leaves my skin perfect. Anything else, like a cleanser just rapes my skin. So Im left with being a minimalist again;) That was until I found SoapyLane!

I love love love this girls shop! She makes everything herself with natural ingredients. Now, I have used products before that were “natural” and handmade…but my skin knows! If there is any sort of chemical in it, my skin will immediately start burning. I initially knew Cassie, the maker of these fine products through etsy as one of Lux Divine’s customers. I honestly had no idea she had a shop until I stumbled upon it! I was skeptical at first but ordered a few things to check them out. I was amazed by the quality of her soaps! She uses essential oils for the scents which I love. I now use her tinted lip moisturizer, herbal bath, body butter and rose scented salve…. Im going to be trying her facial products next and break out of my oil pulling routine…my skin loves Soapy Layne!

You can check our her great, skin loving products here:





My top pick: Herbal Bath Salt




So those are my 3 top favorite etsy shops! I hope you can find something you love at one of these lovelies shops! Please help support handmade:)




07 Apr '13

Growing Pains

Posted by Shiron Bell

Remember when you were a kid and had those intense growing pains…you know, the ones that shot down your legs and hurt like hell? The worst right?…well, Lux Divine is definitely having major growing pains at the moment. I’m really proud to announce that our baby Lux Divine has not only doubled it’s business from last year but quadrupled! Amazing! We are now carried in boutiques world wide, our creations are on covers of magazines and we are steadily doing good business….life is good!…crazy, but good:) Everyday is work….and lots of it! I often feel like I am on this roller coaster waiting to get off…but it doesn’t stop, so I must stay on rolling through it. Pretty much from the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed I’m keeping Lux Divine going. It is still only my husband and I so things are a little rocky right now. Some days are hard, some days are heaven…but everyday is different. The Gemini in me thrives off that!

One of the major pains I’m feeling right now is not having enough time. Oh, how I wish I never had to sleep…think of all I could create in that time I’m wasting in dreamland! We even had to take down all our made to order items so I could get caught up on my orders. I’m almost caught up which feels great!…we are finding help so I have more time to create instead of packing orders/making orders but it really has to be the right person since they would be coming into our home(where we run our little business:) Another challenge I’m having is balancing my home life and raising my 5 year old son, Halen(yes, like Van Halen) while working full time for Lux Divine. I have faith the Universe will continue to guide me and help me get through these challenges. Life would be boring without them right?

Design/creating wise, I’m going through big growing pains with this bag:

native nomad collage


Beautiful, isn’t it? sigh…I really really love this bag, but boy is it really challenging for me to make. I 100% make this bag all on my own! No help from a seamstress or leather craftsman. I know this design came to me to challenge me in my life as an artist and creator. So I have only made 4 bags in this design. Every time I get better and the design itself improves…but my walking foot sewing machine has a little feisty personality of its own. If I change the thickness of the leather on it without perfectly adjusting the tension, the thread gets all birds nesty. Its horrible and frustrating and I often walk out when this happens. This is something that comes with years of experience working with leather and these machines…which sadly, I do not have. I am a totally self taught bag maker and my sewing is self taught too. Thank God for You Tube!!! haha. Me and “Delila” (my walking foot machine’s name:) don’t always get along…but when we do, its magic! I really have to be in the right frame of mind when making these bags. Hopefully soon it won’t be like that and I can just float through it like I do my other creations.


I have never made pockets in my bags but knew this bag totally needed them. This is my first stab at pockets! Not too shabby huh? They are pretty roomy pockets too. Perfect for the smart phones girls:)

This is what the finished product of the pockets looked like. I would love to eventually add another on the other side with a zipper pocket. It’s all progress.


Other shots of this beauty





Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog. I’m going to try to do a post once a week with an inside look into our creations/life. New Native Nomad bags coming soon in new colors:)

Peace and Love,