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07 Apr '13

Growing Pains

Posted by Shiron Bell

Remember when you were a kid and had those intense growing pains…you know, the ones that shot down your legs and hurt like hell? The worst right?…well, Lux Divine is definitely having major growing pains at the moment. I’m really proud to announce that our baby Lux Divine has not only doubled it’s business from last year but quadrupled! Amazing! We are now carried in boutiques world wide, our creations are on covers of magazines and we are steadily doing good business….life is good!…crazy, but good:) Everyday is work….and lots of it! I often feel like I am on this roller coaster waiting to get off…but it doesn’t stop, so I must stay on rolling through it. Pretty much from the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed I’m keeping Lux Divine going. It is still only my husband and I so things are a little rocky right now. Some days are hard, some days are heaven…but everyday is different. The Gemini in me thrives off that!

One of the major pains I’m feeling right now is not having enough time. Oh, how I wish I never had to sleep…think of all I could create in that time I’m wasting in dreamland! We even had to take down all our made to order items so I could get caught up on my orders. I’m almost caught up which feels great!…we are finding help so I have more time to create instead of packing orders/making orders but it really has to be the right person since they would be coming into our home(where we run our little business:) Another challenge I’m having is balancing my home life and raising my 5 year old son, Halen(yes, like Van Halen) while working full time for Lux Divine. I have faith the Universe will continue to guide me and help me get through these challenges. Life would be boring without them right?

Design/creating wise, I’m going through big growing pains with this bag:

native nomad collage


Beautiful, isn’t it? sigh…I really really love this bag, but boy is it really challenging for me to make. I 100% make this bag all on my own! No help from a seamstress or leather craftsman. I know this design came to me to challenge me in my life as an artist and creator. So I have only made 4 bags in this design. Every time I get better and the design itself improves…but my walking foot sewing machine has a little feisty personality of its own. If I change the thickness of the leather on it without perfectly adjusting the tension, the thread gets all birds nesty. Its horrible and frustrating and I often walk out when this happens. This is something that comes with years of experience working with leather and these machines…which sadly, I do not have. I am a totally self taught bag maker and my sewing is self taught too. Thank God for You Tube!!! haha. Me and “Delila” (my walking foot machine’s name:) don’t always get along…but when we do, its magic! I really have to be in the right frame of mind when making these bags. Hopefully soon it won’t be like that and I can just float through it like I do my other creations.


I have never made pockets in my bags but knew this bag totally needed them. This is my first stab at pockets! Not too shabby huh? They are pretty roomy pockets too. Perfect for the smart phones girls:)

This is what the finished product of the pockets looked like. I would love to eventually add another on the other side with a zipper pocket. It’s all progress.


Other shots of this beauty





Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog. I’m going to try to do a post once a week with an inside look into our creations/life. New Native Nomad bags coming soon in new colors:)

Peace and Love,