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BABY MOONBEAM Bracelet /// Gold

BABY MOONBEAM Bracelet /// Gold


Size ~ one size fits most

Lux Divine Jewelry Druzy wrap bangle. These dainty and comfortable stacking bangles are the perfect statement piece. 

100% made and designed in Los Angeles, Ca. Made with either Natural Agate or Quartz Druzies. This lovely bangle is made with a base metal of copper and is dipped(electroformed) in 24kt Gold. This process includes a thick copper build up, nickel layer and finally a thick layer of 24K Gold. Can either be worn on the wrist or on the forearm for a snug fit.

*Please note: All of our jewelry is handmade. Please do not expect it to be perfect. During the electroforming process, porosity is normal(little pinpoint holes in the plating). We don't mind this as it gives the item a handmade, authentic look. These small characteristics are often unnoticed by most...But if you are expecting a perfect item please do not order.