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MERMAID CROWN /// Lux Divine SeaStar Head Crown

MERMAID CROWN /// Lux Divine SeaStar Head Crown


A Lux Divine Original Design

I don't know about you, but we are just obsessed with anything mermaid! This crown looks like its straight out of a mermaid fairy tale. This unique head crown is made from Copper, real mini Seastars. This statement piece has been electroformed in 24kt Gold. It is adjustable with a 14kt Gold Fill chain to secure it in the back. It is versatile~ can be worn on the head as a crown or on the forehead as a headband.

All of our jewelry is handmade which means it will look handmade. Please do not expect it to be perfect. During the electroforming process, porosity is normal(little pinpoint holes in the plating). We don't mind this as it gives the item a handmade, authentic look. These small characteristics are often unnoticed by most...But if you are expecting a perfect item please do not order.